Criminal Law: 

Criminal law is arguably THE primary practice area in my office.   I represent clients in matters ranging from major felony cases all the way down to traffic infractions.   I handle a significant number of  Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated cases, Dealing in Methamphetamine, Driving While Suspended, and offenses related to the possession of an illegal substance.   Click on the videos below and in the specific practice pages to learn more.

Personal Injury: 

I employ a unique approach to the handling of personal injury matters for my clients.   While your injury claim may be one of hundreds of claims at some personal injury firms, I limit my personal injury work to no more than 15 open files to be able to devote my full attention to each case.  The fee structure provides that my contingency percentage is taken only against the "net" settlement, not the gross amount applied by other firms.  This ensures my clients always receive twice the net settlement that received by Joseph R. Morris, PC.

Family Law

Although I do not accept every family law matter (e.g. Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Visitation, Adoption, etc), I am willing to meet with you to discuss your case to see if we are a "good fit" for one another.  Although I can vigorously defend my clients and fight for their rights, I also prefer to work with clients who are willing to look for “win-win” solutions for their family law dispute.   Please schedule your initial client meeting so we can address your unique situation and provide guidance as soon as practical.

Collaborative Dispute Resolution:

This solution-based approach to legal problem-solving is arguably less a specific practice area and more the style or approach I employ in handling most cases.  However, for those clients interested in working toward a cooperative solution that provides the greatest net benefit to all of the parties involved, Collaborative Dispute Resolution provides a unique strategy that seeks to allow the parties to create long-term positive solutions together.   Click the videos to learn more about this Intermediary option.

Primary Practice Areas

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