Criminal Law: 

Criminal law is arguably THE primary practice area in my office.   I represent clients in matters ranging from major felony cases all the way down to traffic infractions.   I handle a significant number of  Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated cases, Dealing in Methamphetamine, Driving While Suspended, and offenses related to the possession of an illegal substance.   Schedule a meeting today to discuss our approach to handling criminal cases.

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FAMILY LAW:  I am not accepting any new family law, custody or support matters at this time.  I am willing to help you locate suitable counsel for your case if you happen to call.

Primary Practice Areas

Traffic Law: 

As a part of my criminal practice, I also am available to assist clients with their pending traffic matters.  Often, depending on the driving history, I can help you secure a pretrial diversion without the need to even hire my services.  For those cases that don't qualify for diversion, we can often secure an admission to a non-moving violation when the original ticket is for speeding.

Personal Injury: 

I employ a unique approach to the handling of personal injury matters for my clients.   While your injury claim may be one of hundreds of claims at some personal injury firms, I limit my personal injury work to no more than 15 open files to be able to devote my full attention to each case.  The fee structure provides that my contingency percentage is taken only against the "net" settlement, not the gross amount applied by other firms.  This ensures my clients always receive twice the net settlement that received by Joseph R. Morris, PC.